Step-by-step instructions on how to make a small rectangular surface in beautiful old German slating from rectangular slate 40*25cm (16*10 inch)

For training you need:

⚒ Wooden training stand, minimum size 1m*1m or 3,5ft *3,5ft

Ideally, this is a good rigid stand, with a solid board covering. But it can also be an ordinary sheet of plywood leaning against the wall.


⚒ Slate - In the instructions, I show on the example of a slate 40 * 25cm (16 * 10 inch) you can use another format, no problem. 40 pieces of slate 40*25 cm (16*10inch) per 1 sq.m.


tools for working with slate - a slate hammer, slate stake is a must. If possible, a guillotine for cutting slate, chalck line.


⚒Slate nails if you will be working on a hard good stand. Screws if you plan to try on a sheet of plywood first.


Try and feel free to ask me any questions, I will be happy to help you.

Share your result on social networks, I'm very interested in how it will turn out for you. Believe me, the results will be completely different for everyone.

I have a bonus for you!

The book of professor architect Shad. In this book, the author shows how the original old German slate roof should look like. Today in Germany, it no longer looks like it should.

I hope this book will inspire you further, and you will make a beautiful example of work.

SCHAD Die praktische und schöne Ausführung des Schieferdaches



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