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Traditional French Ridge

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a ridge on a slate roof using the traditional French technique. You will learn how to draw stones that approach the ridge at an angle. This method allows you to diversify your work, surprise your colleagues in the craft and the customer. But apply it tastefully in the context of architecture.

Dynamic slating

In this lesson, I will tell you step by step how to make a slate facade using the dynamic slating technique. How to make blanks, how to place the slate on the surface, what to attach to, and so on. After watching this tutorial, you will immediately be able to make your project using this technique.

This is useful for...


For roofers

We will teach you three beautiful slate laying techniques, show you in detail how to perform certain details on the roof, tell you how to work quickly and efficiently, and how to optimize roofing processes.


For roofing contractors

This is a tool to optimize your business. This will help to convey your proposal to the client, choose a specific method, calculate it and execute it according to the exact instructions. And the most interesting thing is that it is a tool for training your employees.


For carpenters

You will be able to master the craft of slate roofs and close the full cycle of work on small projects. You will earn more and the client will save his time. And we will do our best to make it possible for you.


For people who are planning to build their dream home.

You want to build your dream home and you are thinking about its appearance. We recommend that you take a closer look at what we show here. And the most interesting thing is that it is you who will make this choice, and you will be able to implement all this with the help of our online training.


For architects

We will help you diversify your architectural arsenal, while giving you a complete understanding of the technical components, details, so that you can issue drawings, calculate estimates and select materials from an expert point of view.

Meet the instructor



Andrew Makhinia - roofer since 2012

  • First steps

    After graduation, he began working as a hired roofer and immediately became a foreman. He and his team changed asbestos sheets at a speed of 1000 square meters in 1 week. During this period, he realized that he needed to work quickly or switch to more expensive roofs. After that, he began looking for clients and focused on bituminous shingles or metal tiles, these were the most common roofs in the region. The requirements for quality increased and had to be studied and improved. Projects with natural tiles began to appear and there was a constant growth in the profession.

  • Work in Poland

    He became a hostage to this process and was constantly looking for something even more interesting to study, so he got into the team of Michal Sadko - Sadko Dachy (PL), and for the first time took up slate tiles in 2015. 

    Michal Sadko opened a new world - the world of epic European roofs. Andrew Makhinia literally in a year got acquainted with rectangular slating, wild slating, standing seam roofs and wooden constructions. At that moment, his eyes lit up and he began to constantly study and improve in these techniques.

  • Work in Germany

    He really wanted to study German slating, and so he ended up in Germany in the team of a well-known slate roofer. With him he worked both on private roof projects and on major restorations of churches, monasteries and even on an old German prison. 10 projects under the guidance of a great professional gave good results very quickly and Andrew learned this style well. But, since this slating is very diverse, and its appearance is very dependent on handwriting, he did not stop and tried to hone the handwriting. In this he was helped by two very creative and artistic professionals Marco Weiss and Martin Engelke. They revealed the philosophy of this craftsmanship, taken from tradition, history, old masters and books. They answered the philosophical question of how a slate roof should look like.

  • Contractor

    After that, Andrew became a slate roof and facade contractor in his country and carries out private projects in the most interesting techniques for the richest clients in the region.

    He completed many author's architectural projects of roofs and facades, his implementations won prizes in European competitions.

    Photos of his work evoke surprised emojis from professional roofers in various professional communities in different countries: Great Britain, Germany, France, etc.

    Now he has collected all the experience structured and packed in a convenient case to benefit many colleagues who, like him then, need knowledge and strive to learn the most interesting roof techniques.


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